One thing to check for artist SEO

In my artist SEO mastermind group this week we’re talking about one groovy thing you can do to improve your standing in Google search .. however .. since I made this graphic I’ve changed my process. I’ve

Protect your mind so you can art

There’s a lot to be worried about at the moment and the onslaught of stressful news appears to be the new normal. In order to create art, you need to shore up your mental defences. So that’s

Find your uplifting audience

It’s great to get into the studio, get into flow, and create art. But usually, it’s also good to have balance. It’s good to have people who appreciate what you’re doing and give you the feeling that

Get understood, sell your art

If you’re a visual artist, I’m here to help you sell your work independently so you are free, and you feel validated and supported by a growing group of people who love what you do. I help you through teaching and coaching and I’ve two free resources for you today: join my mailing list and check out my free training on sorting out your mailing list.