Sell your art your way

I can help you sell your art using values-based marketing. Over to you, choose your own adventure:

  • Join the Freedom Club (£7/month, free book, training, my 1-1 help in the comments)
  • If you’re determined to fix your marketing, let’s do 1-1 coaching. £200pcm but starts (much) lower: Commit
  • Join my mailing list for Monday Recommendations (free)
  • Join the next Commit Together group coaching (max 6 artists, 6 weeks, £69) (get on the wait list)
  • There will be another Free Sell-Your Art Challenge Week, I’ll build a wait list for it (but I haven’t done it yet and no there isn’t a wait list for the wait list)

(You can do all of those, you don’t have to choose.)

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