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Commit: One-to-one sell-your-art coaching using values-based marketing

If you want to build your income and status as an independent artist and finally solve the puzzle of how to sell your art without it taking all day, this is for you. (There’s also group coaching if you prefer.)

Values-based marketing starts with getting clarity on the values you stand for. (I developed my own tool to help.)

Feel the permission it gives you, and imagine where it leads.

Find others who live for the same value, but perhaps are in other work.

Create a way for them to discover you.

People who share values feel camaraderie. Your fans will support you because you share a direction and both want the same world. Support means shares, comments, community and yes, turning up at your shows and buying your art.

You can implement values-based marketing yourself, but if you have the means, coaching is likely to more efficiently get you to regular sales.

I have 40 years marketing experience, I’m a trained coach and nowadays all I do is help artists like you sell your work independently so you can live the artists life comfortably.

The pricing is a teensy bit complicated, but it’s because I want this, as far as possible, to be self sustaining. We start out in month 1 at £50 and we aim for 4 Zoom calls. I give you access to my diary and you can book yourself in. Once we’re established, you’re selling and I’ve proved my worth many times over, I’m aiming for £200 per month. So to get there, in month 2 the price per Zoom is £25 so if you add another £50 per month subscription we can continue at 4 meetings, and if you don’t we do 2 meetings. Either is fine, it depends on your circumstances. Month 3 is £37.50 per meeting, and month 4 is £200 for a month of 4 meetings. I’ll handle all the complexity of that and we’ll flow as you wish, but I do need to explain a) it’s only £50 for the first month so it’s easy to get started, but b) I will want to work up to £200 per month and hopefully my advice and guidance will bring at least that in so I pay for myself. One way you might think of it is £50 per month and raise it as money comes in, of course we’d end up at one meeting a month if it takes a while to bear fruit.

And breathe.

So let’s summarise.

If you want 1-1 coaching about selling your art using values-based marketing, this is it.

It is, after all, about time your art sales got sorted. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

You can kick start this with a £50/mth subscription here:

Stay safe, sell art