How to sell your art online (artist SEO)

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Make a proper living from your art

(without spending loads of time on it)

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I’ve spoken with many artists recently who are happy to live the artists’ life, but often they don’t have much money. I want you to be happy and robust so your lifestyle is secure.

I’m an ethical marketer, and I love SEO .. search engine optimisation. Getting discoverable in the search engines. Did you know there are 6,600 searches for “oil paintings for sale” in Google every month? That’s just Google. And it’s just one search phrase.

My goal is to help you be findable by people who are looking to buy what you do, credit card in hand. They are already persuaded, so they’ll have fewer questions (and you’ll have more time to spend on your art, and more feelings of security and confidence while you do).

Most artists websites are in need of some easy fixes that will have a big impact. For instance I made a simple 20 minute change to one artists’ menu, and users of mobile devices (that’s most people) went from looking at 3.76 pages per visit on average, to 9.27 pages, pretty much 3x the website engagement.

I’ve been doing this for nearly twenty years, and for the twenty years before that I worked in PR and direct marketing. What I want to give you is 40 years of expert, distilled knowledge of what really matters. So you can just do those things, and get back to your art. Once everything’s working (there are no promises in SEO, but) the goal is you’ll feel better about your bank balance and you’ll have a new spring in your step.

Why do artists neglect their websites? I think they don’t think they are important. “People buy from exhibitions”. However ..

.. your website is your hub. It’s where people go to find your exhibitions. It’s how they discover how to follow you so they hear about your exhibitions. And it’s where they go to decide whether you’re their kind of artist. A poor website drags everything down with it. A great website can lift everything.

“honestly it sounds brilliant! Very refined strategy that includes a technical overview of the client journey from discovery to interest to commitment and engagement, as well as solid advice on branding and keywords” Ira Giorgetti, Studio Ventana, London fashion photographer

“it’s the little bits of good stuff like this that go a massive way to counteract all the crap, very grateful for that” Debra Snow, artist

The course will benefit any artist, but I have in mind the full-time artist who is selling a few pieces a month but can’t yet afford a new car or an annual holiday.

It’s an eight module course starting on 15 March 2021 (but you have to get registered now), delivered online by video and text.

  • In week one I’ll cover some core principles, such as pricing your work by value, the customer journey and how buying decisions are made.
  • I’m going to teach how to build a fanbase of loyal buyers who will support you ongoing.
  • We’ll talk about ‘content‘ and how to play that game without losing your mind (or your soul).
  • There are some search phrases you should be using, I’ll reveal those.
  • Your website would benefit from having some more links to it. This is a massive game changer in week 5.
  • Then we’ll get to grips with your website, and finally look at ecommerce issues and local SEO (which is different to the normal sort).

Now, while I’m not going to harangue you to taking all these actions, I am really interested in moving you to take action. So I’m not just going to teach and leave it at that. I’ll be wanting some feedback, the course is interactive 🙂 I’ll want to know what’s stopping you .. that’s where the magic is.

Even if all you do is take on board my principles for pricing your work. Or link building. Or creating good content. These can have massively good consequences. But it’s when all of it combines that the real power emerges.

It’s possibly unlikely, but if you’ve ever understood compound interest, you’ll know the power of sequential, continual improvement. 1% improvement every day doesn’t give you a 3.65x improvement by the end of the year. It’s 13x, because everything builds on what came before.

There seems to be a rising idea that we should kill off the image of the ‘starving artist’. It turns out great art doesn’t have to come from suffering. There is an increasing number of courses for artists that aim to sort out your attitude to money.

Those are useful. This course does that, but it’s also very practical. I’ll get down to the detail and show you exactly what do to, step by step, where appropriate.

We’ll go module by module, and although I’ll leave it up as a resource so you can go through it at your own pace, I intend there to be a bunch of us working through it ‘live’ who can help each other.

Now, this isn’t something I ever envisaged doing. I was happy pottering along, but I put out a message on Facebook to see if anyone wanted help with SEO, and everyone who answered was an artist. So I’ve kinda been badgered into it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it, but, that’s basically how this has happened.

This isn’t just ‘an artist marketing course’. I’m working hard to make this the best artist marketing course out there.

My ultimate goal is world peace through art. I’m serious. So whatever comes in will be ploughed back into making next year’s course the best it can be so we can get more art in the world.

And really, you just have to sell one extra piece of work and you’re in clover. These techniques and strategies I teach will last you a lifetime. These are evergreen strategies that you will stand upon forever.

One more thing. Just in case there are any doubts in your head whether this is for you .. this is an eight week course, any one of those weeks can make your money back. But genuinely, if you register for the course and end up thinking “nah”, just let me know within 60 days and I’ll absolutely give you your money back, no question. So you can’t lose.

“I definitely want to continue exploring this with you, as every other person who’s offered help with this has just sent me a generic ‘technical audit’ along with the number of backlinks my competitors have.”

See, SEO is often ‘cheap’. This is the opposite. This is deep, life-changing stuff. Seriously when we get into fanbase stuff we’re going to dig right into “what are you for?” You know, wearing a different shirt isn’t going to change anything. Surface stuff is just surface stuff. You’ll be different after this.