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Exhibit, sell your art and gain fans

In your position, I would have a “I’ve sold some art” dance.

It’s good to train your brain with a reward when success happens. It’s hunch training.

It’s not exactly going to get you fit though if it’s only once in a while.

(if you’d prefer me to read this out, here’s a video version for you (you can even speed up playback) .. you’ll still need the links in the text below tho)

I know exactly what that feels like. I’ve put my heart into projects and received zip. And I’m just like you, independent. Creative. Loads of ideas.

Thing is, selling art doesn’t have to be hard. You just need a system, so it’s great you’re here.

If you just want to get to it, go here

I’ve been in marketing 40 years. I’m an ethical marketer. Ethical marketers seek out problems and organise themselves to solve them sustainably.

So I’m towards the end of my career looking at semi retirement in a few years and .. you know what, pussyfooting around really irritates me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a get-stuff-done, tick, tick, tick kinda person. I’m deeper than that. I’m into quality. I want to really make a difference. I want to get to the heart of things.

What I’m finding extremely hard to live with here in the UK is that many people seem happy for refugees to drown on their way to seek asylum here. Now, it’s obviously a complex issue. But have a fucking heart.

And that’s how I came to art. Because of what Kae Tempest said: art shows you the world through another’s eyes. It builds empathy.

I’m not an artist. I’m a marketer. A world that lacks empathy is the problem I’m organising to solve.

I’m dedicated to helping you sell your art, so you and other artists are more successful, people realise the value of art, and creativity flourishes as it becomes easier to live as a free and independent artist.

I spent 20 years in PR, half of which was my own PR company. I had 18 employees at one point. When I moved to Scarborough I took time out and got a degree in Internet Computing, so the next 20 years were in web development and digital marketing. I’m an unusual mixture and rather a useful person to know. That and my interest in art, and I’m a ska drummer and songwriter too, that’s my creative outlet.

Part of my ‘revolution’ is also your revolution. I’m inspired by the rise in race awareness in America. It’s about being fearlessly the best you.

So I’m not going to put on a front for you. The swears are staying in. You’ve seen my down to earth videos.

The core strategy is: be a big you. You can’t please everyone, so be clear who you are, be clear whose heart you can touch, and let’s go big. If you stand for fun, the dotting-the-i’s-and-crossing-the-t’s people will be upset. That’s great, so long as the fun crowd is with you. Happy days, right? You get to be with your people.

So let’s make this happen, starting today.

You probably have an art exhibition or open studio booked. This is a way to electrify that.

If there’s nothing in the diary what are you going to do? Wait for the gatekeepers to ask you? Listen, I adolesced to punk, we’re forging forward, nothing’s going to stop us. We DIY it .. run an exhibition on your website.

I’m offering to teach you how to promote your shows in a way that’s consistent with your heart. In an AI world, the only way to go is real. Human to human. Let’s matter.

So let’s get down to it, I have a method called Gallery You, and a course to teach you it. You work through it at your own pace, it’s here for as long as I’m here, and it grows with contributions from the other artists who’ve gone before you. You too will pay it forward.

Literally it’s a series of lessons on video, online. I start out with you. What are you all about? What really drives you?

Once you get Gallery You under your belt, you’ll just get better and better at marketing your shows, bringing in keen buyers.

Ready to start? Go here

Gallery You helps you improve your website, teaches you how to write a press release so you get in the media, and helps you build your retail gallery portfolio so your art is always for sale and every day is full of possibility.

The core training is called The Wave. It shows you that what you’re saying about your show should change according to how close you are to the opening night.

You can’t just keep saying ‘come to my show’. So what else do you say? You’ll know, from Gallery You.

How many people are on your mailing list? Do they open your emails, are they all active or is your list .. old. This is how you grow your list, so you have more fans to sustain you.

So look, it benefits me if people come into Gallery You as a group. It means I get to concentrate on you for a while and then when everyone’s happy it’s OK for me to do something else for part of my day. So basically I encourage that by applying Gallery You to its own publicity. Registration doors will open, then close, just like an exhibition. Plus, after this I’m putting up the price anyways .. it’s a really good programme well worth the super low price.

If you need a regular way to sell your art .. this is it.

Plus, it’s not all the time, so you can art, then sell, then art again. It’s beautiful. Better than getting distracted with bitty sales of ones and twos.

Alright, so let me tell you how Gallery You works.

If you want to sell your art more easily, build your reputation and your brand and hone your messaging so you attract people keen to invest in you and support your journey, Gallery You is for you.

If you are struggling to get exhibitions or you have exhibitions and want them to have more impact, Gallery You is for you.

If you want, ultimately, to be picked up by ‘real’ galleries and step away from marketing .. Gallery You gets your name out there and proves you know what you’re doing, that makes your chances of being discovered much higher and gives you a strong negotiating position with any gallery.

If you want a repeatable art sales system, you’re in the right place.

To invest in Gallery You (future you will thank you), go here.

That will take you through payment and on to a thank-you page. The next part .. I was going to say it’s manual but I may have automated it, let’s see. Let me know if anything’s not straightforward.

Step one is you get access to my unique values process where we work out exactly what gets you up in the morning. We’re doing values-based marketing, so we start with your values. Getting clarity on what you’re about can give you permission to be more you, and that alone can propel you forward and make you more attractive to the right people.

The teaching is done through online video and text, and you have to go through these steps in order. Accessing one releases the next.

There’s no time limit, you can sign up now and start later. Go at your own pace. Take a lesson in the middle of the night, while travelling, while waiting for dinner to cook it’s all fine.

A magical part is the comments. I encourage you to pay forward to those who come after by commenting. Ask a question or show off what you’ve achieved, either is fine, and this is where I provide 1-1 support, in replies in the comments. You can get notified of replies just to your comments or to all comments.

What’s awesome about this is .. you can come back to run through Gallery You again, and you’ll see new comments with new insight. So it’s organic, it gets better with every contribution.

Next I’ll show you how to write a compelling biographical sketch for your website. It’s your story, how you got here. It lets people in so they feel they know you. Let’s also take the opportunity to update your resume and your artists statement while we’re here.

Which exhibition will we work on? If you have one already booked about a couple of months hence, perfect. If not, you can literally have an exhibition on your website. Let’s work out some dates and where your show will be.

You have some social media strengths and some duds. Let’s work out your best platforms and your strongest ‘mode’. Personally, I’m best writing and not too bad at video. Awful at graphic design. Let’s just clarify where and how you show up in power and confidence.

How’s your mailing list? Got a signup form that’s working? Let’s sort that out.

Notice, all of this is going to help you sell your art whether you run exhibitions or not, it’ll help you 24/7, it’ll raise you in search so more opportunities come along and you’ll get more website traffic, lower bounce rate, and better conversion.

With all that ready, I’ll show you how to write a press release, how to create your own media list, and how to get into the press, on the radio and on the telly.

That’s the end of the first phase, you’ve got everything lined up and ready to go and you can enter The Wave.

You can’t just bang on about your show, people get tired and switch off. So you start by posting purely about your values, I’ll show you how to do that. Some artists aren’t sure they can do this part .. you can, I’ll show you, and it’s crucial because this is where you’ll attract people just because of what you stand for. These are the people who agree with you, who will journey with you, and support you pretty much forever. These are your ardent fans.

After a while (maybe a couple of weeks) we’ll move on to talk about how you implement your values. Again, this is easy, I’ll show you how, but at this point you’re becoming an inspiration and a leader. You want followers? You’re a leader. (I know it may be a stretch but I’ll tell you all about the new psychology of leadership.)

After another couple of weeks of that we’re on to the bit you always thought this was about .. NOW you can sell your exhibition and the art in it, and remember you have some new fans to bring in.

You’re still going to have a preview even if your exhibition is on your website, so there’s that, but I also have a sneaky pre-preview that can get you red dots before you even start, I’ll show you how.

Much as you might love to kick back, we’re not done yet. Your exhibition is open and for all the effort that got you here, you have to push to get people in, don’t let up until the doors close (‘last day’ is a big motivator for sales, for my courses I make half of my sales as we reach closing time).

Can you rest yet? No .. the final step is to take all that momentum and go and get yourself another retail gallery. If you add one every time you run through this process .. imagine the near effortless sales from being in ten or twenty retail galleries.

Once that’s done, you’re done. Rest is crucial, so rest. Well done, you did good. Count the money, enjoy the free space in your studio. Dream about what you’re going to do next.

Have you ever looked at compound interest? Where, when you save and re-invest the interest it grows beyond anything you’d expect. Gallery You is like that. If writing a bio the way I coach you makes a 5% difference to the results you get from your website, and if getting clarity on your values puts a skip in your step and gives you confidence and that makes a 10% difference .. that’s not a 15% improvement, it’s more because one improvement comes on top of the one before. String twenty or fifty small improvements together and nothing’s ever going to be the same.

Never underestimate the power of a series of small improvements.

But the point of that is to start now. The best time to plant a walnut tree is fifty years ago. Start now, start building your list, developing your fans, establishing the Gallery You habit. It’ll be second nature soon enough and future-you will look back on this day gratefully, today is your pivot point.

Plus, you’ll save money because as Gallery You adapts and gets stronger, I’ll raise the price. Join now and get lifetime access (that’s my functional lifetime, just for clarity. If I get run over by a bus next month you’ll be sorry you missed it 🙂 ).

I’ll throw in one more thing. My 30 day no quibble guarantee. If you sign up and don’t like it, you can have your money back if you just ask within 30 days. So .. you’ve nothing to lose but everything to gain. If you want control over your art sales, Gallery You gives you freedom.

If you embrace the whole independence side of Gallery You and decide to run your own shows, you’re completely free of the gatekeepers. It’s just you and the people who love what you do. Plus, no gallery commission!

If this all feels. a bit new and a tad daunting, that’s a good sign. You’ve a lot to learn and this 40-year veteran is going to show you the essence of it. You’ve been driving with the handbrake on for too long. And .. you can do this. I used to be terrified of public speaking. I’d gibber. Sweat would pour off my forehead onto my shaking notes. So I took some cheap and cheerful council run course on how to do it, thought “is that it?” and never looked back.

Now is the moment to get your art sales problem solved. Not just for future you. Not just for independence and freedom. But also .. get in there before I put the price up.

Just to be clear, it’s not a subscription thing, it’s just a one-off payment to the course you can keep returning to and go through at your own pace.

Signup now before I close the doors on registration

If you do nothing something awful will happen.


Stay safe, sell art