Sell your art and build your reputation with your own online art exhibition

AND get a more persuasive website along the way

I work with a lot of artists who are not selling their art enough. That’s not my judgment, it’s theirs. They don’t want to lose money or .. it’s the dream isn’t it .. they want to live independently as an artist. That means making enough to pay the bills. It means selling your art.

A good many have next to no traffic to their website and no gallery representation.

If this feels a tad close to home, this is for you.

I didn’t create this, you did. This is an answer to the problem of not selling your art like you want to, not having website traffic, not having gallery representation.

Maybe you are paying a lot and spending a lot of time exhibiting at art fairs. 

This is simpler, and will help you sell at the art fairs too. If you’re ready to go, let’s do it:

Here’s the answer

You can run your own exhibition. Online. On your own website or even on a social media platform.

I don’t mean a virtual exhibition where everyone has to wear a helmet to see it. I just mean online. Dead simple. And free.

The thing is, just the idea of an exhibition automagically brings with it strong sales psychology. It’s new. Last day. It’s only here for a week. The preview. The red dots.

So if you’d love gallery representation but nothing’s happened yet, let’s show them you are professional and you can sell. 

Let’s sell some art. Introducing Gallery You.

Of course, I can’t promise you’ll sell anything. But everything in this course is designed to help you sell your art and much of it stays with you, bringing your next sale closer. For instance, in one of the steps you write your story, like a mini biography. That way, people know who you are and where you’re coming from. At the end of this programme that stays on your website, helping you sell into the future.

Just going through this course and taking the actions will build your confidence and set you right.

Imagine how it’s going to feel when you learn the Gallery You process and sell some art. You’ll have a skill you can repeat, again and again. And every time you’ll get better at it, not just more effective at selling your art, but more efficient too.

And you’ll be building proof that your art sells, so if you want a ‘real’ Gallery to pick up on you .. this is going to help them say yes.

So what exactly is Gallery You?

It’s an online course for artists who want to sell their work online.

There’s an intake of artists, and we go through the process together.

Very approximately, think of it like this.

  • We take a month to prepare.
  • Two months to publicise.
  • A month for the show.
  • And another month to get some retail galleries on board.

So it takes a while, but that’s for two reasons. First, you have to create the art that you’re going to sell, so we can’t do this intensively. Second, we need time to warm up your audience and bring them on board. Marketing takes a while, we need to build your brand.

But once you’ve done the course and know what you’re doing, it can be a lot faster.

Gallery You is delivered through training videos I’ll post on the course page on ArtistSEO.blog. I’ll let you know about new materials by email, and I’ll support you in the comments.

So let’s list out what you’ll achieve:

  1. An enticing ‘my story’ mini bio so people can relate to you
  2. An improved artist statement
  3. An updated CV
  4. You’ll decide where you want to host your show
  5. You’ll gather up all your social media and other assets
  6. You’ll get your mailing list straightened out and ready
  7. You’ll reconfirm and clarify the values you stand for
  8. You’ll write and send a press release to local and arts journalists and influencers
  9. Then we’ll enter The Wave, the publicity process around events and shows. So we start by creating stories for social media about your values. Don’t know what to write? I’ll prompt you every day.
  10. Then we move to how those values affect your art in general (we haven’t mentioned your show yet, at all)
  11. Then we move to your show and start to build excitement about that
  12. There’s the catalogue to your buyers, so they can buy before the doors open
  13. The preview, sales from that
  14. The show itself, and you continue to run social media to bring people to it, even and especially up to the last day, and process sales from that
  15. Then we move to the retail galleries, taking the success of your show to them, so you end up with another one or two or more retail galleries holding stock of your art, bringing you a fairly regular income.
  16. We review, see what worked and what can be improved, and plan the next one.

Don’t be daunted by it, I’ll be with you all the way and there’s plenty of time. We have a plan and a proven process. It’s your best chance of selling your art independently online.

No gallery commission, the money is all yours.

The new fans are yours, ready for next time.

The publicity clips are yours to use.

So here’s the deal. I haven’t built any of this yet, I’ll record the videos as we go, but I need a minimum number of people to sign up to make it possible. I don’t just knock off videos off the top of my head, they are written, edited, recorded, video edited and published to deliver the learning to the best of my ability. There’s a lot to it.

The investment .. £99. One time.

You probably only have to sell one extra piece to make that back.

But .. I don’t expect to refund it but if I don’t reach the threshold number of people, I won’t run the course and I’ll refund you plus a tenner for your trouble.

So let’s see. I’ll open registration doors now, the course will run from Monday 5th June which means registration closes midnight Sunday 4th June.

For the first ten registrants I’ll run my super-special software that looks into the minds of your fans to see where their attention lies. That’ll give you press contacts, galleries to talk to, all that.

So .. just go sign up and let’s get you up and running.