I’m occered

I’m stubborn. Awkward (occered is how we’d pronounce that where I come from). This is not a solutions post. This is about .. I think you and I are the same. Occered. I’ve bounced off a few

Spread your social media wings

This is just a simple post about social media basics. Dead straightforward. 1 – use more social media platforms I see lots of artists who just use Facebook. Add in: Pinterest Twitter Instagram Tumblr Consider also Etsy.

My nephew built my website

I flaked a little on websites when social media came out. I was like “why does anyone need a website when you can just have a Facebook Page?” But a couple of things have brought me back.

The Website To-Do

Although I’ve been building websites since 2000, when I got serious about working for artists I realised I didn’t know the answer to the question “what makes an ideal artist’s website”. I mean, I could have sat

How to price your work

This article explores the pricing of art. If you would like to get a clear idea of how to market and sell your art and live well on it, consider joining my mailing list here. One of

Get yourself a decent phone

My partner had one of those dead simple, big button phones that you can drop and not worry about it. It would break into bits on the floor as a way of absorbing the shock and she

Get it done

As an artist, you are completely in control of what you do. It’s probably why you’re an artist, because you want complete control. I’m going to call that congruency. It’s a good thing. As a marketer, I

“No-one buys from my website”

I hear this a lot “no-one buys from my website, they buy from exhibitions”. There’s the feeling that people come to your website and just noodle around. “Ooh, that’s nice.” But never buy anything. The problem is