Artists! If you are selling enough of your art, this is not for you.

This is for the majority of artists who come to me with near zero traffic to their website wondering whether they are doing the right thing, battling the Instagram algorithm and selling a piece of art once in a blue moon.

I know you’re frustrated. I know you’re daunted by marketing. I know it’s not your strength.

I’ve got the answer.

(Just imagine for a moment what that might feel like. Being able to sell your work. I mean .. wow. 

Take a deep breath. 

Do you feel your shoulders drop? Being able to stand in your space, make your art, and have people want it enough to pay for it. )

All you have to do is press this button marked [get art sales].

No, I’m joking. There’s no easy button. There’s a bunch of stuff to do, but the beautiful thing is, each part that you improve raises your chances of making a sale. Every change you make gets you closer to being a self-sustained independent artist, and further away from the frustration of not knowing what to do. Because .. we’re going to sort that.

It’s stepping stones to the other side.

So, look. I know you just want to make art. But somewhere inside, you also want to feel wanted. You want to communicate. You want to be appreciated. You may have hidden these feelings away because you haven’t been getting them. But .. what if this is the moment the door opens and you step through to a new place where these things are possible?

This has all come about from the CWIC programme where I work with artists to improve their websites and .. the vast majority have website traffic of .. like 12 visits per month. 

No wonder artists don’t think their website is worth anything.

So I’m talking to artist after artist about the same problem. 

And I wrote to my list and asked .. what if I put together a training programme where you run your own art exhibition of your work, online, and I’ll show you how to do it, I’ll guide you through The Wave, my exhibition publicity method, and we’ll do our best to sell some of your art, get some traffic to your website and because it’s you you get to keep all the money from your sales and afterwards we’ll go get some retail galleries and 


people said “hell yes”

Which is a real pity because I fancied an easy summer. 

It’s tough at the top.

So look, people have a very cynical view of marketers and I get it, I really do. The standard marketing textbook has a whole chapter on why marketing is awful.

But here’s how I live. Here’s the definition of marketing that I live by:

Marketers seek out problems and organise themselves sustainably to solve them.

I see marketing as the world’s biggest force for good. See any problems? OK, let’s organise!

I’ve been an ethical marketer for 40 years. Since we all went digital I’ve trained under the highest masters of digital marketing. And this is the distilled essence of all that, brought to bear on your desire to sell your art, right now.

Here’s the weird thing about art. People don’t buy art if you try to sell it.

It’s not like selling car tyres. You want car tyres? I’ve got car tyres. It’s not like that.

You need a hook. There has to be a reason why someone would give you even a half second of attention.

You need a story.

Why would anyone care what you’re doing? Because your story illustrates what matters to you and if it matters to your reader too, bingo.

And hey, we’re back to values-based marketing.

I did tell you this isn’t an easy button.

But get this all lined up and everything gets easier. Sales happen, you’re not sure why, you don’t know where they are coming from but .. they happen. (It’s because of what we’re going to do here but you’ll think it’s something to do with your art being fabulous. Whatever.)

Our goal is to find fellow travellers, and travel with them.

And then, it’s to lead.

And I know leadership is probably the last thing you think you’re cut out for.

But there’s a new psychology of leadership.

And you are it.

Anyway, you need followers. Followers follow a leader, right? By definition.

You’re still not clear what this ‘exhibition’ is going to look like. That’s the least of it. It’s going to be a tag on your WordPress site. Or just six uploads to Instagram that get taken down when the show is over. Where it is and what it looks like isn’t the important thing.

It’s why.

Why do you do what you do? Why should anyone else care?

We’re going to sort that out.

I’ll tell you how, later.

Stay safe, sell art