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“I never sell off my website, it doesn’t work for me”


I’ve just been speaking with an artist, they hadn’t updated their website for ages. I’m like ? and they’re “I never sell off my website, it doesn’t work for me, I’m thinking of getting rid of it, it costs too much”.

Yeah, well, maybe if you updated it once in a while.

Anyway, it’s common. I hear it a lot from artists, that their website isn’t important.

It is. It should be your Grand Central Station. Where all your interested people arrive and receive service.

All the things you do to grab attention should aim to bring people to your website.

And then on your website, on your home page, the first thing to do is to fulfil the most common need of your visitors. If most want to buy your art, give them something to click so they can go to see what’s for sale. And on that page, you just talk about your art for sale. Talk to your website visitors about what they want to talk about.

Next, what’s the second biggest need of your visitors? To find out your next exhibition? Great, that’s the second thing on your homepage, click, send them to that page where you talk about your exhibitions.

And so on.

We’re just giving people what they want. They’re on your website, but it’s not about you, it’s about them. Their need. You’re answering their question about you.

To them we’ve been efficient, they’ve found what they want quickly and they don’t need any of the other stuff.

We may want to get them to take an action. I like the idea of people who are browsing your art being able to ‘like’ it. Perhaps even shortlist it. Ultimately we may ask them to get in touch as a next step to purchasing.

For those looking at your exhibitions, I like the idea that if they want a preview ticket they have to join your mailing list.

With this approach, people arrive on your website, most people see what they want early on, they get fulfilled, and you ask for an action.

Now, If you want me to help with your website, I do have a thing. It’s for artists. You join, get me into your Analytics and I check you against the other artists on the programme. I see your biggest issue, whether it’s traffic or bounce rate or whatever and we chat on Zoom about how to solve it. You make the changes and we check again in 6 months time. It’s a completely affordable programme, but the impact is huge because we tackle your biggest website problem head on. And these improvements multiply over time. Anyway, you can find it on here You can read the details there but one thing it does is bring your attention regularly to your website and it commits you to improving it.

While you’re there, if you go to my contact page and join my mailing list, I’ll send you my artists’ website report: 7 things to do, and 2 things not to do on your website. That’s completely free.

Stay safe, sell art