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Discover what to say to sell your art

Many artists are finding today’s marketing overwhelming. How do you find serious buyers? What used to work doesn’t any more. Many marketers are using AI to produce content, but I suggest we go the other way and emphasise natural human connection and trust.

You do something amazing, but not everyone sees what you’re worth.

Here’s how I fix that.

(I developed this using my superpowers derived from 40 years in marketing, PR, copywriting and digital marketing.)

If we can get clear on what excites and interests you, we can find serious buyers who love and value what you do.

(I had to build the software to help you work that out, it didn’t exist.)

The beautiful thing I didn’t expect was that once you’re clear what you are for, it’s like getting permission. Everything else falls away. It’s like a blossoming, or a hatching butterfly.

For example, if you stand for human connection, I can easily imagine a marketing campaign for you that emphasises human connection.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, but if it underlines and communicates what you’ve discovered is your calling .. you might actually enjoy it, might do it, and it’ll attract people willing to support you.

I can imagine that marketing. You may not, your head’s full of art, mine is full of marketing. I feel like we can gather on one side of a river where we’ve worked out what you’re all about. What’s on the other bank and into the future are all the myriad marketing possibilities, for instance building a supportive fanbase, even running ads to create a stable income and build your ‘secret list’. You don’t need to know about all of those, just the ones that you need.

That’s especially where I come in. I can help you cross the river.

But the method you use to discover new serious buyers .. it’s not as important as your message.

That’s what this course is about, and what I’m hearing a lot from the big digital advertising experts at the moment is that only 1 in 10 ads works, and you can’t tell which one will. Actually it’s worse, the one we think will work is even less likely to.

That means we have to come up with some persuasive things to say to your people and 9 in 10 of those won’t move the needle. But 1 will. And if you turn that up, you might have discovered a steady source of income.

(I would say create a bunch of those and ultimately settle on the best one.)

No-one said marketing is easy. Actually that’s not true, all the people who got a zillion followers in five minutes said that. That’s tactics. This is strategy. This is how you matter, not just to your buyers, but to society. This is where you make a difference.

If you’d like my help with that, what I’ve got for you is this new online course, Transform. We go through self discovery to messaging to creating a marketing system that uses what you’ve learned.

Of course I can’t guarantee you financial success. But if you’ve got this far, I’ve clearly made some sense to you. This is different. It’s deep. It changes everything.

To cover some practicalities, the course is open now, so you can start right away. It’s delivered online by video. You make your comment underneath, any questions, share successes, and I’m there personally to help, advise and coach.

I said the course is new, it started at the start of 2024 so depending where you are now .. I’m releasing videos once a week and there are 14 weeks. Go at your own pace, but you might hit the point where you’re waiting for the next video from me.

Also, I have a 30 day no quibble guarantee, so you can try it and get your money back if you don’t like it. It’s not triffically expensive, but I coach a lot of artists who don’t have chunky money so I made a payment plan too.

Imagine future you .. you know for sure what you’re all about, you can sell your work, you don’t hate your marketing so much as you do now, and the bank account’s a weird colour. Personally, I’d be off to the cake shop for a celebratory elephant’s foot.

This is like a mirage. If you click away from this page, you may never find it again. If you leave it open as a tab, it’s just clutter (we want clarity, right?) and it’ll get lost on a reboot. Even worse, I may put the price up or close the doors for a bit. Like I say, there’s a 30 day guarantee, so .. just do it. Future you will say thanks. Here are the links, I’ll see you in the programme: