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Sell your art to appreciative people by being more you and without selling out or spending all day on it

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Reclaim the space above your wardrobe (by selling the art you’ve stashed there).

You want to sell your art, but don’t want to sell out. You hate making videos or hate writing about your work or .. you hate selling and just want to do art. I get it.

But not selling your art gnaws away at your self esteem, it’ll take you down in the end. You are probably familiar with the nagging doubts.

There’s a tension between validation and popularity. You want to sell your work, but not by painting what people want. (Because let’s face it, they need a bit of guidance.) You want people to love your work because it’s a discovery, it changes people, it puts a skip in their step, it lifts or motivates them.

  • Lack of sales means self-doubt, whereas sales and buyer appreciation lifts you and motivates you into the studio in pleasure, not in angst.
  • You don’t want to spend all your time doing sales things you hate or are bad at .. like face to face selling, making videos or writing sales copy, nor paying out a lot to, say, art fairs. Let’s develop a system that plays to your strengths.
  • Art is communication. You want to meet people who will hear you. Your people. Those you can make an impact with. People who already love what you do before they even know you.

Many of you have had a career. You’re super capable administrators, you can do the accounts and run a spreadsheet. You escaped. This is your second career, the one you always wanted.

I’ve been there, I just escaped earlier than that. I built a PR and marketing company with staff, ran that for 20 years so at least I was somewhat in control. Nowadays, call this my third career if you like .. helping artists is where it all comes together for me.

Thing is, even the best performers, the top sportspeople for instance, all have to play a mental game, to beat self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

So let’s build a sales system that is unique to you, that’s what the Artist SEO Mastermind Group is for, it’s the best way I’ve found to help artists like you build respect and feel like you are fulfilling your purpose and hey, selling your art more easily and more naturally, almost incidentally, accidentally.

  • get access to my 40 years of marketing experience so you can choose lots of ways to sell your art (I don’t just sell one programme, we are here to build a perfect art sales system for you)
  • align your marketing and your art with your unique values so the people who come into your world are your kinda people, and they are already sold on you (no persuasion required)
  • join with me and the other artists in the group and let’s learn together so you get the most from the programme
  • with my help, develop one way to sell your art, and optimise it so you spend less time marketing and more time in the studio
  • cut your hours at your social media data entry job and become the artist you always wanted to be (and show the world how it’s done)

Most marketing programmes (believe me, I’ve gone through a lot of them) have a “do it my way or it won’t work” approach.

This isn’t like any programme you’ve seen or experienced before.

This programme is the opposite to pretty much all marketing and sales training. The central idea of Values-Led Marketing is do it your way or it won’t work.

People are tired of soullessness. Tired of empty. They hunger for real. For human.

You’re it. You’re the real deal. You’re the answer. Let’s make sure that’s clear, turn it up and let them come.

Also .. I’ve been an ethical marketer forever, it’s why I work for myself so I don’t have to do any of the slippery sales techniques you know and hate.

This is designed for the busy artist, designed to work around the ebb and flow of exhibitions and events.

  • I’m here to support your independence, your difference and your individuality so you feel confident to be more you, rather than trying to follow the ‘rules’ of marketing (you’ve gotta post three times a day every day, right?)
  • I’ll help you get from where you are to where you want to be, not through revolution, but through evolution. Let’s not throw everything out, let’s just keep improving once we know where you are heading.
  • Let’s design one process to sell your art. If a buyer wants it, they have to go through the process. You become super efficient at that process. That’s all you need, you can sack off everything else and just do art and this one process.

I’m here to support and guide you forwards and upwards.

You might notice some of these benefits:

  • Gain respect from serious buyers, fellow artists and others artists you admire.
  • Feel heard, seen and understood.
  • Build buzz at previews and shows.
  • Do less marketing, but sell more.
  • Feel like your marketing is a natural extension of your art.
  • Be able to call on someone to help and advise
  • Get noticed by galleries and show organisers for your effective marketing
  • Build a mailing list of avid fans that you can call on for support
  • Get in the studio for more flowtime without distractions
  • Deal with fewer tyrekickers and timewasters and meet more serious buyers
  • Join a group of artists dedicated to growth, and implement one video per week to build your practice
  • Enjoy smooth, evolutionary growth not disruptive revolution
  • Enjoy life more
  • Feel internally consistent, like you’re living your life not doing what others (eg. social media) want
  • Have buyers seek you out.
  • Gain more income .. simply, there’s more in the bank
  • Many of your nagging doubts will quieten when you gain respect and sell your art, and you can go into the studio guilt free because yes, this is absolutely what you do.
  • Your day will be more your own.

The investment?

The annual investment to continue your journey with me and build your art practice along values-led marketing lines, is £299 per year. For those who choose this route, there’s a bonus free entry into my website benchmarking programme (details at the bottom).

If you would prefer to even-out the investment, it’s the same price but no bonus, it’s £24.92/month.

How it works.

The Values-Led Artist Marketing Mastermind Group is run along similar lines to the Challenge except it’s at a fifth the pace so it fits in with your life.

Every week (except the last week of the month) there’s a new video which you enact (or not). One difference between this and the Challenge is that it’s not sequential. You’ve done the groundwork here in the Challenge (that’s why you can only get in to the Mastermind through the Challenge), everything else is your choice whether it’s on your path, right for your values. If I talk about video and you don’t want to do video, you can skip that and double down on last week’s video.

The last week of the month is catchup week. Ask me anything week.

Recent topics include:

  • improving your local search results by sorting out Google My Business
  • what to say to each prospect depending on where they are in the buying process
  • developing your avatar (your imaginary perfect client) so you can write to them, hit them right in the feels, not vaguely wave your hands around to a foggy blob
  • using webmaster tools to help you rise in search
  • privacy, local search and photographs encoded with GPS
  • how did Google get to be the best and what are we going to do about it

Remember that steady, consistent improvement gets you there more safely and reliably because it’s compound (growth on growth on growth) than do revolutionary, tear it up and start again approaches.

How it all comes together

Having gone through a 5-day Challenge with me is a prerequisite for membership because everything hangs on you knowing your values, and that’s where we explore that.

So then, each Monday I schedule a teaching video for 6am, and basically you watch it and implement it if it seems right for you. Any problems or difficulties, feel free to comment and I’ll answer. Simple as that, although having had the experience of running a challenge I may implement Ask Me Anything and Live into the Mastermind so it becomes basically the same but just much less intense, so you can manage it without disrupting everything else too much.

Anyway, I’m there to help.

The topics include a lot of search engine optimisation lessons because if you saw my ‘live’ on Google, basically Google will list you if you’re fabulous, so .. let’s start and never stop.

But a few other topics come up quite a bit.

  • One is psychology, both the psychology of sales and also managing your own brain and kicking self doubt and imposter syndrome into touch.
  • There’s your fanbase and how to manage that particularly wrt your mailing list.
  • And then there’s online ads and how best to run those.

I’ve got pretty much two years of lessons planned. Do we think other stuff will get added? Yes. So .. this is ongoing (and there’s nothing wrong with that).

Exactly what you’ll get:

  • Strategies to increase your status and respect so you feel heard, wanted and like you’re on the right track
  • Ways to sell your art without dumbing it down or pandering to the lowest common denominator. Actually, it’s the opposite ..
  • Ways to sell your art by being a more surefooted version of yourself.
  • A better understand of yourself and what drives you
  • Personal help from me and my 40 years marketing experience, and literally me, not ‘my team’.
  • Find ways to do less marketing without affecting your sales
  • Identify what marketing isn’t working, do less of that and more of what is, repeat
  • A better feeling about yourself and your purpose and your journey
  • A simpler, smoother, easier marketing process that’s easy to manage
  • A better class of visitor .. people will know you and want what you do, rather than people just here for ‘art’ or a day out
  • The other artists in the group are also here to help each other
  • You feel like an artist when you’re in flow in the studio. You’ll get more of that.
  • Buyers will seek you out. You won’t chase for them.
  • If it goes right, there’ll be more money in your bank.
  • When you walk in to your preview, the buzz will hit you when you open the door
  • If you have doubts, they will be lessened. You’ll paint with less guilt because it’s truly what you are here to do.
  • Your day will be more your own.

Some testimonials

“Can honestly say that this has all really woken me up so much to what I’ve had my head in the sand about! I guess artists can get so taken up with producing their work, it’s harder for us to remember to tackle this side of things.”

KS, Scarborough

“‘I really like that, a bigger happiness when you are appreciated, and the greater happiness when your work sells!’ In other words it’s great to be satisfied with your work, but if others appreciate it, that’s a really nice feeling and it bolsters your confidence and spurs you on, and if they like it enough to pay for it, even better.”

NO, Johannesburg

“I’m finding these really interesting. I’ve been coming round to the idea that I need to invest in my art business and marketing, rather than doing it all myself”

LC, Berkshire

Here’s how I know this will work for you ..

The Values-led Artist Marketing Mastermind Group is like nothing else I’ve seen in my 40 years of marketing. Once I understood the driving force that is our values system, I looked around for something that used it, and didn’t find one.

That’s why I build my own software tool, which we use in day 2 of the Challenge.

That’s at the root of everything we do in the programme whether I’m taking you from directionless and skint to regular sales or from only getting 50% of what you want income-wise to comfortable, or getting yourself ready for the big time, it’s the same at core.

Nothing else will do that AND retain your sense of congruency. You haven’t sold out. You’re not working in some imaginary art factory churning out for people you’re not sure you like. You’re not working hard only to have someone else take a great chunk (not that they don’t deserve it, it’s just got to leave you what you want and need).

Only values-led artist marketing will keep your would intact and your heart pure. Only values-led artist marketing will let you live your life and inspire others to do the same.

What if it doesn’t work, though?

Well let’s think. Let’s imagine you sell paintings for £800. One a month on average. Half of them through art fairs so let’s say you spent £2,500 on that. Each painting costs £150 in materials, so £800 x 12 = £9,600 – £2,500 – £1,800 = £5,300.

The Mastermind Group is £299 for a year’s improvement. What if that doubled your sales? Good investment.

What if, you sold your paintings for £850 instead? Like I keep saying, Mister Kipling doesn’t pay for the marketing of his exceedingly good cakes out of his own pocket. We pay for it when we buy them. You absolutely should do the same. So then do you think 52 weeks of easily improving your marketing process might offset any weeny implication of that £50 price rise, if there even is a downside?

It’s only going to not work if you don’t engage with it for a long period. Even if all you did was watch the videos and choose one to implement each month, that’s still a huge improvement.

If all the group did for you was to give you:

  1. 25% more website traffic .. would this be worth it?
  2. 25% better conversion .. would this be worth it?
  3. 25% higher value sales .. would this be worth it?

(Hint, that’s not a 75% improvement in your sales, that’s 1.95x, nearly double.)

Is there a guarantee?

Since you mention it, yes there is. Everything I do is covered by my 30 day no quibble guarantee. So if you join, look around at all the training, if you don’t think it’s for you and you let me know within 30 days, I’ll give you your money back, no problem.

Let’s do this

You’ve completed the Challenge and you’re full of all that you’ve discovered. Don’t let it fall away, take advantage that your head is full of possibilities now.

And just to encourage you .. I did say this is the price for now.

I didn’t say, but this offer price (and the entry door) closes on Sunday at 23:59.

It won’t open again until the next Challenge (I don’t know when that will be) at a higher price (because I’m testing). So, no reason to delay.

Or, you could just carry on.

Imagine yourself 6 months, a year, 5 years from now. In one scenario you join the mastermind now. In the other, you don’t.

I get pretty passionate about this because .. it’s lined up with my values.

But for now, I’ve done my bit, the rest is up to you

You mentioned a bonus for those who sign up for the annual subscription?

Yes, the CWIC programme. I really must remember what that stands for. Anyway, it’s a website benchmarking and coaching process.

I’ll guide you to continually improve your website.

In setup, you give me access to your Analytics and Webmaster Tools and then twice a year we set up a Zoom call where we look at your key measures, which are traffic, conversion and the value of a sale.

Now, within that programme I have access to everyone’s performance stats and in the background I can compare yours to everyone else’s and the process is that we celebrate what you’re good at and see if we can go higher, but also we note where you are less good and see what we can do about that.

The beautiful thing is that where you are not good, others are great so .. again without revealing details, I can help you learn from those who are doing it well. And of course, I’ll have my own thoughts on how you can move on.

The idea then is you go away with one thing to change on your website, and we wait until the next Zoom call to see how things have improved.

What this is turning into often is a half hour coaching session because the bit that isn’t working doesn’t just need a tweak, there are reasons it’s like that. So the value isn’t just the improvement in your website, it goes deeper than that.

Those in the programme are very keen on it so it seems to work well.

So if you opt for the annual payment option which saves me book-keeping faff, I’ll give you that as a bonus and we’ll be able to stay in touch 1-1.

Go do it.

Step by step to your goal